Prysm Manufacturing has 12 injection moulding machines, ranging from 30 tonne to 800 tonne machines. All of our machines over 200 tonnes are fitted with 3 axis robots and conveyors, so production remains consistent and clean.

We mould a variety of plastics, including biopolymers. From PET wine goblets, to Homopolymer houseware containers, we can source the best material for your products application, and ensure you get the best quality possible.


Prysm Manufacturing has been seen in case studies and articles for its use of Universal Robots (see link here). For many years we have been looking at cost effective methods to introduce robotics, not only on our injection moulding machines, but at the end of our conveyors, to assist in packing.

Value Adding

Pad Printing, Welding, Riveting and Liquid Filling and Sealing. These are some of the value adding processes we provide for our customers. We try to provide a one stop solution for our customers.

Automated Assembly

Got a difficult part to assemble but need to keep your cost of goods down? We have developed many intricate assembly machines to aid our staff, keeping costs down, and production high.


We have been moulding biopolymers for over a decade. Compostable plastics made from renewable sources, is the future of packaging, and we want to help you be a part of that.