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Product and Tool design

CAD & 3D Printing

Want your idea brought to life? We can draw up your design on CAD software, and have it printed for you all in house. Develop your ideas with the people who can bring it life.

Tool Design

We have been designing tools for over 20 years, and know the best way to build a tool that will give you quality parts in an efficient cycle time. Having the same people make the tool, as those who’re going to run it, means you can have peace of mind from concept to production.

Tool Sourcing
(Local and Overseas)

There are many options depending on your needs, and we have strong relationships with many local and overseas tool makers. Need an urgent tool made? Conscious of price? or Want the best money can buy? We know the right toolmakers for your needs, and we will manage the build right through to a die trial in our own machines.

Beverage Filling and Packaging

Want your plastic cup filled and sealed on the same premises? Our subsidiary, Union Beverages, is in the factory next door. We can mould your cups/glasses/containers, and have them filled and sealed 50m away. Follow to link to Union Beverages for more details.

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